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So I looked at a bottle of Lawry’s and went hmmm…no I want to save it.  But it calls for wine & garlic marinade.  So I put a cup of cooking wine on my chicken and then added a spoonful of diced garlic.

Roasted in the oven for 2.5 to 3 hours.  Beautiful.  The skin was tasty and delicious and I won’t be tempted to buy any more bottles of expensive marinade or over season with a lot of seasonings now because this was also full of flavor.

My husband also picked two fresh zucchini’s from our garden.  The first of the year and I wanted to eat them.  So I dug through the produce drawer and found carrots.  I was thinking about Applebee’s yummy vegetable mix but those were the only two things I had to put in this.  So I melted a tablespoon of butter(margarine) in a frying pan, added the carrots and my son stirred those around while I chopped zucchini.  Added those a few moments later and covered with a lid.  Stirred them every few minutes and cooked them about 5-10 minutes total.  They are tender, delicious, and better than Applebee’s.  So easy!

Easy and delicious


This has been passed around the family quite a bit but with a new generation of young ladies about to embark on their new lives, I thought they might appreciate it being posted.     In the early days of email & AOL my mom used to gather recipes from my aunts.  This one orginated from Aunt Adeline.

This is another favorite and is extremely versatile.

You need:

1 lb of chicken or turkey – you can use leftovers from a boiled chicken, left over roasted chicken, left over roasted turkey meat, left over rotisserie chicken meat….you just need some cooked chicken or turkey.

2 cans of Cream of soup: Pick and choose your two favorites but the original was cream of chicken & cream of celery.  I have mixed and matched celery with mushroom, broccoli with mushroom, mushroom and celery, or mushroom and chicken.  Like I said pick your favorites you can’t mess this dish up.

1 package of spaghetti noodles

1 Jar of Cheese sauce, again the actual recipe calls for Cheese Whiz I have used the Ragu Cheddar if you use Ragu or a runny cheese sauce do NOT add milk.  If you use a thick cheese sauce add 1 can of milk.

2 cups of shredded cheddar

If you are using uncooked chicken go ahead and boil or fry it in a quick cook method of your choice.  Add the cans of soup & cheese sauce to a pot and start heating.  Boil your noodles.

Mix everything together and add shredded cheddar to the top.  Bake at 350 for approx 30 to 45 minutes.

Absolute perfection and death by cheese.  But it’s a wonderful way to utilize holiday left overs.   It’s also a great and easy meal anytime.  One of my personal favorite choices.

  Thank you so much Aunt Adeline for sharing this with all of us and I hope you don’t mind my re-post and that many of my cousins will enjoy this one too!

{March 29, 2012}   Chicken Tortilla Stacks

This is an old favorite for the last few years in our house. I decided to post the recipe and dedicate this post to Baby Mercy. Her mommy was interested in it and Mercy wants her to share yummy food with her right now. LOL

Okay the recipe was found on the back of a Membership’s Mark can of chicken. I had bought a 6 pack of canned chicken from Sam’s club so I could try a recipe found on Food Network & make some chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. Eventually I got sick of the chicken and needed to use it and saw this on the can. We have made our own adjustments to it, though.

You need 1 can of chicken – I have used chicken strips, or chopping up 1 or 2 chicken breasts and then frying them up in a skillet with a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So any kind of chicken you have on hand works very well.

Refried Beans
Shredded Cheddar Cheese (we used Mexican cheese tonight)
Sour Cream
Cream Cheese (Tonight I actually had on hand the new cooking cream in plain flavor and that worked just as well, I cut back a little on the sour cream using that instead of plain cream cheese though)
Guacamole (Optional layer)
Your Family’s Favorite Toppings for taco night on hand to top these with. I go lighter than taco’s and use some tomato, sour cream, & salsa if I have these but lettuce would work really well on them too. I didn’t have any this evening but fresh cilantro sprinkled on these or in them would add an extra flavor too.

Preheat the oven to 425.

If using fresh chicken meat, go ahead and skillet cook it now. If using pre cooked meats like canned or strips, skip this step.

While it’s heating mix 1/2 cup cream cheese with 1/8 cup sour cream. When it’s mixed well, add 1/2 cup salsa – you know how hot your family likes these meals. You can add a little more or less, I use a mild salsa so I like to go for a very nice light pink color of mixture. Then add chicken.

Using a cookie sheet lay two tortilla’s side by side (like you are making two pizza’s). Spread refried beans on each tortilla (at the end of this process I had a 1/2 can of beans left which I will tell you what to do with while this is cooking)

Sprinkle some shredded cheese over the beans and add a tortilla.

Spread 1/2 of your chicken mixture on each stack you are making. Add another tortilla.

(OPTIONAL Layer) I don’t make this one but if you like guacamole now is the time to spread it on the stacks and add a tortilla or skip this step.

Sprinkle cheese on top tortilla. Slide in the oven for 10 minutes.

While they cook, throw the rest of the beans in a microwave safe bowl with your favorite Taco Bell sauce (you can buy this in a bottle if you don’t want to open 100 leftover packets from Taco Bell but both methods work) sprinkle the top of this with cheese. Microwave 3-4 minutes. These are an excellent side dish to any Mexican style dinner & taste exactly like the old Taco Bell bean side dish they used to offer for 59 cents. (Did I just show my age?)

Take the stacks from the oven and cut them with a pizza cutter in pizza style slices. Top with your toppings and eat.

The whole family loves them and they are really easy. You really can play with the flavors and the ingredients, even the amount of work that you put into the chicken is entirely your choice. There is no method we’ve loved more than the others as far as chicken choices. It’s what you have on hand.

{January 3, 2012}   Celebrity Wife Swap Wilson/Gold

Did anyone else catch the premiere episode of this last night? Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips & Tracy Gold from Growing Pains swapped homes, families, & lives on wife swap last night.
Shows like this aren’t meant for deep discussion or explaining the meaning of life. They are just about watching absolute train wrecks collide With that in mind – some random, uncensored thoughts as I viewed follow:

1. Two maids later and you’re house still looks like mine. You need to watch Cat in the Hat with your kids and practice the phrase, “Fiiiiirrrreeedddd!”

2. Is Tracy Gold so obsessed with family, order, etc because her entire puberty was spent in “perfect family sitcom” life?

3. Listen up little dude if you are big enough to worry friends will laugh at your “Santa” shirt, you are big enough to march your butt to the dresser and pull out your own clothes to wear for the day. In fact, you probably should.

4. I defend/like overweight celebs but seriously all big people don’t fart, belch, and act like un-mannered slobs. That irritates me and grosses me out. Stop it. Don’t talk about your farts, say excuse me and move on. Don’t bend over and do it like you are on stage getting groceries. Gross. Stop trying to shart yourself.

5. “From what I gather Tracy & her husband are together every minute of the day where Carnie & I just hook up at the end of the day.” She’s your wife, not your bootie call.

6. Poor Carnie, she thought the flowers were for her and her husband could barely be bothered to come out of his music room and go get her much less take her flowers.

7. Tracy and her husband almost made Baby #5 at the meet up in front of the other couple & camera’s.

8. Tracy lying for him was beautiful. He didn’t talk about you, he talked about himself & his creative side. Sorry. You deserve someone who loves more than the luxury of laziness your money has bought him.

9. How awkward for the Golds to become their marriage counselor.

10. While it followed the wife swap format it did cut off some rules and they didn’t show us any change follow ups but then again, I didn’t really expect much to change in these two families unless Rob throws away his “me, me” mirrors and starts being a part of his family.

et cetera