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{January 21, 2012}   Mars Sweepstakes

Great odds of winning!

Once you register, you can just enter your email & password to play each day.  Codes are found in special packages or you can use: 04010207 , 04010100 , 04003100 , 04043205 , 04003207 , 04010508 , 04040101

Play 5X’s per day….4898 daily winners.  You can win once per day limited to one grand,first, or second prize per household (I believe)

Prizes: Free Candy (most), Snickers Serving Tray, Set of tumblers, Cooler, Visa GC, NFLShop GC, and be entered in the grand prize drawing for the Super Bowl.

This ends Feb 5, 2012 so enter quick!



{November 19, 2011}   Free Shirts!

Quick head over to NoMoreRack.com and sign up or sign in with your Facebook account and nab  the completely FREE no shipping, 20.00 YMI Jean Voucher – good on ANY item including clearance.

There are about a half dozen shirts priced at 14.99 so you can get those FREE though you will have to pay aprox 5.00 for shipping.  You can pay using a CC or Paypal.

I think it’s a pretty cute shirt, it’s normal retail is 28.00 so you can’t beat….FREE !!!!


In order to find the great deals, freebies, & coupons without wasting a lot of your own precious time it’s important to have a handy checklist of the Internet resources available to you.  By having a few great sites you check daily, you will save yourself valuable hours in the deal hunt.  There are tons of great promotional products offered by companies.  What could you find in your mailbox soon?  This is a list of my favorite resources which should get you started.

Before you start hunting resources let’s get you registered with a few of the great sites, this will take only a few moments but will have you ready to begin collecting when these sites release new point offers.

<a href=”http://bit.ly/jjH7Mb”><img alt=”Girls125x125″ src=”http://cdn0.crowdtap.com/images/ads/girls125x125.jpg?1308606698&#8243; /></a>

Crowdtap seems to have a vast offering.  For instance you can do the daily quick hits for points to level up, some of these offer cash win chances.  There are also offers to get free tanks from Old Navy if your approved by your application.  The cash you accumulate will also go to support a charity of your choice.  There are other networking offers for cash as well.


This website offers you the chance to host parties and they supply your party items.  I’ve seen a lot of freebies offered this way so it’s a win/win.  For instance the 21+ crowd had an opportunity to apply to host for Budweiser on the 4th of July.  There were beer rebates, cups, frisbee’s, and several other freebies in this lot.  There is currently one going for Thai food as well as Norton Back to School – the Norton party could get you 100% free software! And you can enjoy a couple of hours with your friends & family!  What better excuse do you need when someone else is footing the bill?


This one seems very slow and glitchy but does offer coupons,samples and I haven’t had a chance to fully explore it or enter my referral link for this one 😦


There is no better way to dejunk, declutter YOUR home AND get valuable FREEBIE items than Listia! I highly recommend this website.  List a few things of your own to get started accumulating points.  Then use those points to bid on other people’s decluttering – this can save you a FORTUNE at Christmas and on birthdays!!!! I have gotten Coach purses, PSP/Xbox360/Wii games, brand new dvd’s, clothing and much, much more on this site! It’s sooo easy!


Recyclebank is a great site to gather points.  To gain a lot of points quickly refer to my list of daily freebies as her blog has a lot of the older offers already outlined for you.  It took me about an hour one night to get all of the current point offers built up and you use those free points given to you by companies toward coupons to get free products, discount products, free magazine subscriptions, & even free Club Pogo memberships.  There are a lot of ways to make this site work for you in the free deal hunt!

DisneyRewards.com – there are a lot of ways here to accumulate little points as there are always offers floating around on the web for ways to stack on the points you can then redeem those for Disney rewards.  Great program and well worth starting to collect those points!

Now to the list of check daily on Facebook (look for these pages):

Missouri Coupon Queen – She lists national coupon offers and other great deals!

Freebies 4 mom – her website link is on her page as well and this is the one that will guide you quickly and efficiently through your Recycle bank point system.

Pinching Your Pennies – their website is also linked in.  I live in Utah but they also serve a small group of other states very efficiently.  The grocerysmarts.com checklist they do for comparing your coupons with the weekly grocery ads is invaluable and may even point out some chances to snag a local freebie with your coupons that you have missed.

This seems like a lot of websites and groups/pages but believe me they are true time savers.  I spend about an hour at the most hunting out my freebies & coupons.  I’m too busy to scour the web constantly and visit 200 blogs looking for the information but these pages have made the job so much easier.  Anytime there is a freebie it is outlined with precise links & directions on how to claim your coupon or freebie.  Many companies are now using Facebook as a promotional freebie tool but if you are not in the loop with a few great pages you could miss your opportunity.  Most of the Facebook giveaways are gone within the first 5-15 minutes.  Having pages that alert you when the giveaways have started really makes life simple! And easier for you to gain!

For example when I logged online today at Facebook within the first hour I had gotten in on three great giveaways!  A full size Tide stain remover, a free bottle of Bayer aspirin, & a free sample (6 loads) of Downy.  Not a bad start to the week.

et cetera