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{July 11, 2012}   Roasted Chicken & Garden Veggies

So I looked at a bottle of Lawry’s and went hmmm…no I want to save it.  But it calls for wine & garlic marinade.  So I put a cup of cooking wine on my chicken and then added a spoonful of diced garlic.

Roasted in the oven for 2.5 to 3 hours.  Beautiful.  The skin was tasty and delicious and I won’t be tempted to buy any more bottles of expensive marinade or over season with a lot of seasonings now because this was also full of flavor.

My husband also picked two fresh zucchini’s from our garden.  The first of the year and I wanted to eat them.  So I dug through the produce drawer and found carrots.  I was thinking about Applebee’s yummy vegetable mix but those were the only two things I had to put in this.  So I melted a tablespoon of butter(margarine) in a frying pan, added the carrots and my son stirred those around while I chopped zucchini.  Added those a few moments later and covered with a lid.  Stirred them every few minutes and cooked them about 5-10 minutes total.  They are tender, delicious, and better than Applebee’s.  So easy!

Easy and delicious


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