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{January 21, 2012}   Mars Sweepstakes

Great odds of winning!

Once you register, you can just enter your email & password to play each day.  Codes are found in special packages or you can use: 04010207 , 04010100 , 04003100 , 04043205 , 04003207 , 04010508 , 04040101

Play 5X’s per day….4898 daily winners.  You can win once per day limited to one grand,first, or second prize per household (I believe)

Prizes: Free Candy (most), Snickers Serving Tray, Set of tumblers, Cooler, Visa GC, NFLShop GC, and be entered in the grand prize drawing for the Super Bowl.

This ends Feb 5, 2012 so enter quick!



{January 3, 2012}   Celebrity Wife Swap Wilson/Gold

Did anyone else catch the premiere episode of this last night? Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips & Tracy Gold from Growing Pains swapped homes, families, & lives on wife swap last night.
Shows like this aren’t meant for deep discussion or explaining the meaning of life. They are just about watching absolute train wrecks collide With that in mind – some random, uncensored thoughts as I viewed follow:

1. Two maids later and you’re house still looks like mine. You need to watch Cat in the Hat with your kids and practice the phrase, “Fiiiiirrrreeedddd!”

2. Is Tracy Gold so obsessed with family, order, etc because her entire puberty was spent in “perfect family sitcom” life?

3. Listen up little dude if you are big enough to worry friends will laugh at your “Santa” shirt, you are big enough to march your butt to the dresser and pull out your own clothes to wear for the day. In fact, you probably should.

4. I defend/like overweight celebs but seriously all big people don’t fart, belch, and act like un-mannered slobs. That irritates me and grosses me out. Stop it. Don’t talk about your farts, say excuse me and move on. Don’t bend over and do it like you are on stage getting groceries. Gross. Stop trying to shart yourself.

5. “From what I gather Tracy & her husband are together every minute of the day where Carnie & I just hook up at the end of the day.” She’s your wife, not your bootie call.

6. Poor Carnie, she thought the flowers were for her and her husband could barely be bothered to come out of his music room and go get her much less take her flowers.

7. Tracy and her husband almost made Baby #5 at the meet up in front of the other couple & camera’s.

8. Tracy lying for him was beautiful. He didn’t talk about you, he talked about himself & his creative side. Sorry. You deserve someone who loves more than the luxury of laziness your money has bought him.

9. How awkward for the Golds to become their marriage counselor.

10. While it followed the wife swap format it did cut off some rules and they didn’t show us any change follow ups but then again, I didn’t really expect much to change in these two families unless Rob throws away his “me, me” mirrors and starts being a part of his family.

et cetera