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{March 27, 2010}   Yummy Chicken

This was so easy and I adapted the orginal recipe a bit to cut out the spice and hot sauce as we’re just not big fans. It still tasted great and orginial recipe credit is all Rachel Ray’s…this was just the adaption that worked for us and was the perfect combo of garlic and herbs.

4 cloves of pressed garlic (pampered chef sells one of the best garlic press tools at a great price)

a handful of chopped parsley leaves (I am also thinking that cilantro would work if you are a fan of it’s taste)

chicken pieces (I used three breasts)

Olive Oil (About 3 tbspoons)

Mix all those ingredients and then coat the chicken and let it sit about five mins or while your oven is heating to 400.  Then I put chicken and rest of marinade juices in skillet and browned it on each side a few minutes then baked.  It took about 20 minutes to bake at 400.   I served with mac and cheese and peas but RR reccommends a salad (we had salad a few nights in a row so I was over it that night LOL)

I really recommend this for taste and those wanting something a bit healthier than fried chicken.  It is also extremely cost effective as this could easily be made with thighs instead of breasts of chicken.

Here’s a link to the cookbook this was adapted from:



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