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{November 5, 2009}   Chicken and Noodles

1 pgk of egg noodles

I use a whole chicken fryer and there’s usually more than enough – the pieces can always be saved to use in another dish in the freezer (after cooked)

Sage, Poultry Seasoning, Emeril’s Seasoning, chicken bouillon, salt – I don’t measure these ingredients I just sprinkle a good amount of the seasonings – probably a couple of teaspoons (later you can taste your broth and add or take away) If you do not have bouillon you can also use chicken broth or stock – aprox 1 cup.

an onion chopped up


Bring your water to a boil, season the water, and add in the chicken.  Let it cook for aprox 30 minutes or until your chicken is done if the fryer is whole this can take longer than if it is cut.  Use a fork to remove your chicken and set aside on a platter, save the water.   Add your egg noodles and your onion.  You can freeze the chicken for 5 minutes to cool it a little faster.  Then pick the meat off the chicken and add to your pot.  Turn it down to simmer.  Once the egg noodles are cooked the meal is done, however now is a great time to taste test your broth and make sure it’s not bland.  If you need to add a few more seasonings go ahead and do so.  Stir occassionally after adding noodles, especially or they will stick.


Thanks mom and dad for making this yummy comfort food when I was a kid! We love these and they are sooo good in the cold and flu season!!!!


{November 3, 2009}   Rachel Ray Recipe Night

French Onion Burgers and Roasted Potato’s

I won’t post recipe because of copyrights..but this was an excellent meal.  Now, I’m not the most talented of chefs in the kitchen so it did take me and hubby both to get everything done and we totally skipped making the Dijon Mustard sauce for the fries.  We did switch the cheese because of the availability in our local grocer to a swiss.

For the savvy experiments – it contains some hamburger mixed with things like worchestire, swiss cheese on top of your buns, and carmelized onions….the potato’s are oven baked with some olive oil and garlic.  (Exacts and other goodies included you’ll have to find a copy of the recipe on her website or in a cookbook it was in Rachel Ray Just In Time) You should plan about an hour for cooking time.

Results: Tasty and the whole family will enjoy.  For adults – this was a nice variation on cheeseburgers with a grown up taste.  For kids- Mine picked his onions off and loved it.

I’m not big on anything too fancy but I found this very easy to do and brings a bit of experiment into your kitchen with little fuss.

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