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{October 25, 2009}   Fudge

So I’m on a soft food diet and craving something sweet. I have a hankering to experiment with some home made fudge – will add some pictures later of the results.

We’re starting with this basic recipe:

3 c. Sugar

1 Stick Butter

1 c. Half and Half

1 c. cocoa

1 tsp vanilla

Mix the sugar, milk, and cocoa and cook for aprox. 5 minutes stirring constantly.  Then add butter and vanilla and stir until thick.  Butter a pan and let fudge sit.  Then cut and serve….

going to try this with the variation of adding Half of a Jar of Marshmallow Creme

Hopefully will melt in my mouth 🙂


{October 16, 2009}   Cheeseburger and Fries Casserole

I was a little suspicious of this one and how it would taste but as I started cooking it, it smelled delicious.  And the smell was NOT deciving – my husband is an avid fan of cheeseburgers and he couldn’t get enough.

On top of that is this probably the EASIEST dinner to cook ever – just make sure you plan aprox a hour and a half for the actual cooking of the meal, don’t worry you will be sitting back with a book while it does the work!

What you need:

2 lbs of hamburger

a can of golden mushroom soup

a can of cheddar soup

and a bag of frozen french fries.

Brown your hamburger, drain it.  Then put it back in pan and stir in the soups.  Pour it in a casserole dish and then top with the fries.  Bake at 350 for about 50 minutes.  Serve with some fruit (from a can if you truly want easy meal )

{October 13, 2009}   A Cooking Journal

This is more a journal of sorts where I will share the food my family seems to enjoy, cooked up this idea as I realized that I currently charged myself to try new things each month and we’ll keep favorites in a rotation and toss the rest 🙂

Watch for fun things – I like cooking when it is easy, fast, and enjoyed by the family!

Tonight we tried a spin on burrito’s (a bit spicy for the weak but not spicy enough for the diehard!) However, this makes it a great adaptable meal for almost anyone in your family! Even the 10 year old loved it!

You layer a dish with some soft burrito shells, brown and drain some hamburger – add a pkg of taco seasoning and 2 – 7 oz jars of taco sauce of your choice (I went with Taco Bell mild though green sauce was suggested) Then put half your meat mixture on those shells, add some shredded cheese (we used Mexican mix of cheese) and then put more burrito’s down in a single layer.  Add a can of refried beans and a small container of sour cream, some chopped green onion and black olives sliced.  Then another layer of burrito shells and the rest of your meat, top with cheese.  Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or so to heat everything throughly.

Easy! And very tasty for a new spin on burrito’s! Consider serving some tortilla chips on the side 🙂

et cetera